Our Ideal Homestead Chicken

While our American Guinea Hogs are just right for our small homestead, we have yet to find a chicken breed that is equally right for us.  Our ideal breed will possess the following characteristics:​

  • gentle dispositions

  • able forage for a good portion of their food

  • will come home to roost in their coop each evening

  • will lay at least 200 eggs per year - in their coop nest boxes

  • provide a nice, meaty carcass with excellent meat quality

  • calm temperaments

  • able to naturally reproduce

We have tried Orpingtons, Brahmas, Creme Legbars, American Breese, German New Hampshires, Delawares, and Black Copper Marans.  Of these breeds, only the Marans came close to meeting our criteria.  Unfortunately, those were all taken by a fox. 

In 2019 we decided to give two, old-time farm breeds a chance - Speckled Sussex and Barred Plymouth Rocks.  The chicks grew well and we are hoping they will start laying despite the decreasing day lengths.  If not, we will have to wait until Spring see how they produce.  We hope that one or both of these breeds will be perfect for our farm.

Interestingly enough, we brought in some Mottled English Orpingtons simply to give us eggs while the Sussex and Barred Rock chicks were growing out.  They have turned out to be great birds that lay well and have lovely dispositions.  The rooster is a rare Mottled Chocolate Orpington and one hen is a Mottled Black while the other is a Solid Black.  These hens, when mated to this Chocolate rooster, should produce sex linked chicks. These are lovely birds.

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