Breed Status:  Threatened

American Guinea Hogs

They're "JUST RIGHT"

Gentle, medium-sized pigs.

Readily adapt to their surroundings.

Easily contained.

Able to thrive on the roughest of forages and leftover food scraps.

Successfully breed and give birth without assistance.

Delicious, mouth-watering meat.

Versatile, nutritious, highly-prized lard. 


Their History

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, American Guinea Hogs could be found on a majority of Southeastern U.S. farms and homesteads.  

Many of these hogs lived in close proximity to the homesteaders who cared for them and were selectively bred for gentle temperaments.  They were known by many different names, including Acorn Eaters, Yard Pigs, Guinea Forest Hogs, and Piney Woods Hogs. These names described their common living environments and habitats, as well as how the pigs were managed.  

Unfortunately, the American Guinea Hog fell from favor with the advent of factory/confinement farming and a modern preference for larger hogs and leaner meat.   Eventually, the total number of living Guinea Hogs fell to less than 200 and the Livestock Conservancy added the breed to their list of critically endangered livestock.


Now, however, the tide has turned. Small farms and homesteads are springing up everywhere.  Self-sufficiency, sustainability, bio-efficiency, and just plain good tasting pork, are becoming increasingly important to both farmers and consumers alike.  


American Guinea Hogs offer homesteaders a sustainable alternative to destructive, vehicle-sized pigs and dry, pasty gray commercial pork.   In increasing numbers, farmers are returning  to the easily-handled, mid-sized pig that thrives on pasture and efficiently produces moist, colorful, highly-flavored meat and nutritious, Vitamin D-laden lard for the family table.  As a result, the American Guinea Hog's status has been upgraded from Critical to Threatened.

More and more people are rediscovering the many virtues
of these remarkable homestead hogs...
hogs that are neither too large, nor too small...
hogs that are - in a multitude of ways -

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We are dedicated to producing wholesome, healthy food for ourselves and our clients and to raising our hogs in the in the open air and sunshine.



We select boars that are large, well-structured, mild mannered, biologically efficient, and able to 

sire large litters.



We select well-built sows that are calm, able to farrow without assistance, and successfully raise a minimum of  85% of their offspring

to weaning age.

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