Fading Lonely on a Shelf

My husband has been cleaning out the two, old sheds that are located on our new farm property. The sheds contained nothing of any value - just trash and junk. So far, everything has been taken to the local dump -- until last night.

That was when he found -- high on a shelf -- a long neglected and forgotten, lead crystal, hand-cut vase. Never will I know why it was hidden there with nothing but worthless trash. Its beauty was dimmed by layers of dust and grime, but it had nary a chip or scratch.

Now, cleaned and polished, it has been filled with lilacs from our yard and glistens with beautiful, fiery colors as the sunlight reflects through its many facets. It will always be cherished by us and filled with beautiful flowers -- no longer thrown out with the trash -- fading lonely on a shelf.


I asked my mother why she picked them when I was six Two weeks of the year filled with small purple flowers Only to hang from pristine vases like corpses in gallows She told me it was because everything beautiful has its time It is better to grow old and wilt with someone that sees your beauty Than fade lonely on a branch...

Kennedy Goyetche

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