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Homesteading Efforts and Insights


Shetland Breeding Season is "Ram" Up

The seasons have changed and so has the mood in the sheep pasture. Last week, the Shetland rams went from being best buddies to all-out rivals - determined to bash and growl each other into second tier status. They do the strangest thing with their ears during breeding season - carrying them down and kind of wonky. Not sure if this is supposed to make them more attractive to the ewes or simply intimidate their male competition.

This weekend we moved them away from the flock as we don't want our lambs to arrive during the very cold winter months. Last year we used the grey katmoget ram on all our ewes. This December the moorit will get that chance.

We retained most of the 2019 lamb crop so If you are looking for a polled ram with a beautiful, fine fleece, the grey kat is for sale.

Wonky-Eared Rams - It is Breeding Season



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