Our Sows

Farm goal is for a minimum of 85% of the live piglets farrowed to be raised to weaning age.

Low first litter survival percentages and unique farrowing circumstances are forgiven.

CMG Erma Bombeck

(Born September 5, 2016)

Piglets Raised to Weaning Age =80%

Erma is a Bonnie/Fred daughter that was retained for breeding.  She is the largest, sow on the farm.  Erma is long, level and lean with more of a bacon-hog body type.  She was put in with Sahib before he left for Wisconsin and farrowed with a fabulous litter of eight, adorable piglets with 100% surviving to weaning age.   Erma's litter was the fastest-growing litter we have ever produced.  Her breeder quality piglets went to farms in Florida and Pennsylvania. 


Breeding Plans:  Erma will be bred to CMG  Charles Dickens in January 2021. 

Erma at Age Two
April 20, 2020 Litter of Eight
Erma in the grass 05-04-2019
first litter enhanced

JWM Big Sky 

(August 24, 2017)

Piglets Raised to Weaning = 67%

Sky came to us in November 2018 from  the McDaniel's farm in Texas.  She is a litter mate to our former boar JWM Borg and a daughter of our first boar,  Ingleside Clyde.  Sky was brought in (bred back to her father) to help us as we work to solidify a "Clyde-Type" line of American Guinea Hogs.  She is a great girl, not too needy, calm-even tempered, and is easily contained in the electric mesh fencing.

Sky farrowed with her first litter on the very cold morning of  February 3, 2019.  There were nine in the litter - three did not survive.  We had another gilt in with Sky for warmth at the time  due the extremely cold temperature.  I expect the crowded hutch may have contributed to the crushing of the three we lost on the night they were born.  One boar piglet from this litter, CMG Charles Dickens, was retained.

Breeding Plans:  Sky was put in with CMG Leo Tolstoy in January 2021.  

Sky grazing
Sky 01-19-2020
Face Shot

HPF Janice Joplin

(April 22, 2019)

Piglets Raised to Weaning = 60%

Janice is a product of our former Sow, ROF Dusty, and our young boar, BKF Cedric Diggory.  She was the female we picked from the litter as part of Dusty's sales agreement.  Janice has Cedric's long torso and legs and Dusty's nice feet and topline.


Janice turned out to be a very growthy young gilt so she was selected to be part of the 2020 breeding line-up.  She was bred to CMG Charles Dickens in January of 2020 and farrowed a litter of six piglets in May.  Her first litter weaning stats are not what we would like but since this was her first litter, she gets a pass.  

Breeding Plans:  Janice will be bred to CMG Charles Dickens in January 2021.

Janice as a Piglet
Pedigree Janice

CMG Beatrix Potter

(April 25, 2019)

Piglets Raised to Weaning = 86%

Beatrix is a product of an intentional line breeding between CMG Lacey Dancer  and her half brother, JWM Borg.  She has the shorter snout of both her dam and grandsire, a very long torso, nice width and depth through her hams, and maintains condition on very little feed.


We hope she will help us solidify our Clyde-type line of gentle, thrifty, long bodied, stout American Guinea Hogs with medium-length snouts.   She was bred to Flint and Steel Sam Adams  in June of 2020 and produced a lovely litter of seven, very stout, equally-sized, piglets with six surviving to weaning.   

Breeding Plans:  The Sam x Beatrix litter was so very nice it will be repeated in 2021.  Beatrix was put in with Sam in January.

Beatric Profile 10-20-2020
Pedigree Beatrix

Reference Sows

Sows that have contributed to our lines

Ingleside Bonnie (D)

(Born March 4, 2011)

Bonnie was our first AGH sow.  She came to us in April of 2014 and in August farrowed with a litter of 12 piglets of which 11 were raised to weaning.  She was long, level, extremely large, and simply the best mother ever.  She passed unexpectedly while living on a friends farm.  

Fortunately, we have two of her daughters here on the farm, CMG Lacey Dancer, and CMG Erma Bombeck.  Our young boar, BKF Cedric Diggory, is a Bonnie grandson.

bonnie with piglets_edited
with piglets
Bonnie - Age 5
Bonnie Pedigree

Soggy Top Eleanor (D)

(Born March 21, 2011)  

Piglets Raised to Weaning Age = 85%

NOTE:  Eleanor came to us as a mature sow.  As she is now over seven years old, we expect her litter sizes to gradually decrease.  These stats only reflect litters born on our farm.

Eleanor was purchased as a mature sow from a farm in Ohio.  What a find she was.  She was mid-sized Guinea Hog with a quiet demeanor, gentle nature, fabulous body length and width, an exceptionally strong topline, and an absolutely beautiful and expressive face.  Among the other sows, Eleanor was definitely in charge.  She maintained her body weight well while nursing without requiring large amounts of additional feed.  Her litters were well cared for and inherited their mother's quiet, calm demeanor and taste for hay.

Eleanor in the woods with piglets
Eleanor sleeping with piglets
Body Condition
Eleanor standing at fence
Eleanor in the Pool
Eleanor Pedigree
Dancer and piglets June 2019
Dancer and Piglet Grazing - June 2019
February 2018 Litter

CMG Lacey Dancer (D)

(Born September 21, 2015)

Piglets Raised to Weaning = 93%

Dancer was a rare blue guinea hog.  She was sold (as a solid black) to a neighboring farm when she was about four months of age.  When she started turning blue (around a year of age), we convinced (really just begged) her owner to breed her to our blue boar, Sahib.  The litter born was so exceptional, that we again started begging - this time for the opportunity to buy Dancer and her entire litter.  Thankfully they agreed.  Piglets from that litter went to farms in Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Texas.  At one time Dancer was a steely blue color.  Today, her coat has reverted to nearly all black with just a frosting of grey across her shoulders and torso.


She was a large sow - second only to Erma - with a puppy dog disposition and a cute face that has a shorter nose like her father, Ingleside Clyde.  She and her piglets were the stars of the American Guinea Hog Association booth at the 2019 Mother Earth News Fair in Frederick, Maryland.  She was the daughter of our very first sow, Ingleside Bonnie.  We have retained one of her gilts, CMG Beatrix Potter, from the April 2019 Dancer/Borg litter. 


CMG Amelia Earhart (D)

(Born May 1, 2016)

Piglets Raised to Weaning Age = 87%

Amelia was not a large sow, but like her mother, Eleanor, and her sire, Sahib, she had tremendous length and beautiful width throughout.  We kept her as a butcher hog for our family, but she matured so nicely that, when her "time" came we held her over and began to consider breeding her to Sam Adams! She made the decision for us when she broke into Sam Adams' stout enclosure.  There were no signs of forced entry. The fences and hot wires were intact and without damage - yet there she was in all her glory. We could only conclude that pigs do indeed fly - for fly she certainly must have done.  Given this girl's proclivity for bold, aerial maneuvers, we named her "Amelia Earhart."

2019 In Grass with Piglets
2019 Amelia under the Tree with Her Pigl
Amelia Front
2019 Amelia Grazing with Her Piglets
Pedigree CMG Amelia Earhart

Old Beach Setty Madeline

(Born March 2, 2016)

Madeline is a result of intensive line breeding on two of the American Guinea Hog founders, Setty Houdini and Setty Rose.  She possesses a wonderful structure and temperament.  Because she is so beautiful and easy going, we took Madeline with us to the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs Pennsylvania.  She was a wonderful Ambassador for the breed and won everyone's hearts - especially those of the children.  Madeline is a talker and she enjoyed lengthy conversations (and belly scratches) with everyone who visited the American Guinea Hog Association booth at the fair.  


We have retained one of Madeline's offspring here on the farm, a boar, CMG Leo Tolstoy.  She now lives on Timberhaven farm in Massachusetts. 

Madeline with Children at Mother Earth News Fair_edited
Madeline at the Fair
Madeline Pedigree
Farrowing Stats

ROF Dusty

(Born August 1, 2015)

Direct from New England, Dusty (born 8/1/2015)  is oh so long bodied with a lovely top line and tail set.  Gentle as they come.  She is quite a talker and has a very deep bass voice.  She puts nice feet on her offspring.

Dusty was bred to Cedric Diggory and produced a litter of 10 piglets in April 2019.  She was sold bred we have retained the pick of that litter, HPF Janice Joplin.

She now lives with Jesse White and his family on a beautiful farm in Northern Virginia.

Piglets in the grass
Dusty May, 2018 - Pre farrowing
Dusty Peeking Between Trees
Dusty Two Weeks Before Farrowing_edited
Dusty at Three Months of Age
Dusty Pedigree

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