2021 Breeding Plans

Litters Expected April 2021

CMG Judy Bloom

CMG Charles Dickens, five months old 2.j

CMG Charles Dickens


Anticipated Farrowing Date:

April 2021

CMG Inga Moore X CMG Charles Dickens

Litter COI - 5.8%

Judy is the daughter of our former sow Madeline and our boar, Cedric.  She inherited her dam's agreeable disposition and her sire's longer, leaner body type.  Both Judy and Charlie have the nice torso length we like.  This should be a very nice litter.  We cannot wait to see how Judy does with her first farrowing

CMG Beatrix Potter


Flint and Steel Sam Adams


Anticipated Farrowing Date:

September/October 2020

CMG Beatrix Potter X Flint and Steel Sam Adams

Litter COI - 7.6%

Sam and Beatrix share many of the same attributes.  They both have shorter snouts, long torsos, and excellent width and depth through the hams.   Beatrix, however, has the shortest legs we have ever seen on one of our AGH gilts.  We like a little more leg length on our sows so that their teats don't drag on the ground when they are full of milk.


We are hoping the piglets from this pairing will share all of Sam and Beatrix's excellent traits...with Sam's slightly longer legs. 

Spring 2020

All Piglets Have Been Reserved

CMG Lacey Dancer

CMG Charles Dickens


CMG Lacey Dancer x CMG Charles Dickens

Anticipated Farrowing Date:

April 2020

NOTE: No sign of pregnancy as of May 31.

Litter COI - 25.1%

A planned, close, line breeding to help us solidify our Clyde-type line of gentle, thrifty, long bodied, stout American Guinea Hogs with medium-length snouts.   If there are breeder-quality piglets in the litter, they will make nice out crosses with those from other lines.

CMG Erma Bombeck

BKF Cedric Diggory


CMG Erma Bombeck x BKF Cedric Diggory

Farrowed on April 20, 2020

Eight Piglets in Litter

Litter COI - 4.6%

These two should produce active, growthy piglets with larger, leaner body types. 

At least one piglet will be retained.

We have retained several of Cedric's offspring so he will be for sale after this breeding.

Anticipated Farrowing Date:

April 2020

JWM Big Sky

Flint and Steel Sam Adams

JWM Big Sky x Flint and Steel Sam Adams

Litter COI - 8.5%

An experimental breeding between two wonderful hogs.  I expect the piglets to mature into stout bodied hogs of medium to large size, with with good feet, and strong top lines.

One gilt will be retained.


HPF Janice Joplin

CMG Charles Dickens


Litter Expected April 2021

Five Piglets - All Reserved

HPF Janice Joplin X CMG Charles Dickens

Litter COI - 5.5%

Janice grew well and earned a spot in the spring breeding line up.  I expect her litter to be a mix of both chunky and leaner body types.  She has been put with Charlie simply because the other boars are too large right now.  One piglet will be retained.

CMG Amelia Earhart

Flint and Steel Sam Adams


Farrowed May 10, 2020

(8 piglets - all reserved)

CMG Amelia Earhart X Flint and Steel Sam Adams

Litter COI - 9.9%

Amelia and Sam are two very nice AGH.  We expect the litter from this pairing to produce mid-sized AGH with good width and temperaments.

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