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Breed Status:  Critically Endangered

Cotton Patch Geese

We decided to try Cotton Patch Geese because their offspring can be color-sexed immediately after hatching, they reportedly are expert brooders and parents....and as a bonus... they have PINK BILLS AND FEET.    Here's what the Livestock Conservancy has to say about this breed which is listed as Critically Threatened:  
Once commonplace on farms in the southeastern United States., the Cotton Patch is a breed of goose that gets its name from the job it performed. These geese were used to weed cotton and corn fields up until the 1950s. Cotton Patch geese are remembered in the rural south for helping many farmers and their families survive the Great Depression by providing a regular source of meat, eggs, and grease... they are excellent foragers, and goose breeders should continue to select for this trait. Cotton Patch geese are very rare, and in need of serious conservation breeders.
cotton patch geese sleeping.jpg
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