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Breed Status:  Threatened


Medium-Sized  Birds

Beautiful When Clean

Stellar Brooders and Parents

Can Be Color Sexed at Hatching

While the "Sebbies" look very pretty when they are sparkling clean, they eventually become a bit ragged looking after daily foraging through our wooded property and during the muddy, spring season.  I honestly prefer the clean, sleek look of the tightly-feathered geese over the frilly-feathered and frequently raggedy- looking Sebastopols. 

These birds, however, are top-flight parents.  For two years now, they have built huge nests and filled them with over a dozen eggs.  Two geese share brooding duties.  They sit on their nests, never moving, until they have hatched at least a dozen goslings.  They have done this for two seasons now.

The Sebbies are a medium-sized breed, quite gentle, easy to manage, and never agressive.  We appreciate the fact that their goslings can be color-sexed right after hatching.  They are listed by the Livestck Conservancy as Threatened.

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