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Feeders for Your Farm
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We make certain that all our piglets get a good, strong start in life by allowing our sows to naturally wean their piglets.   This usually happens when the piglets are between three and four months old.  At that point our piglets usually weigh 45+ pounds, are expert grazers and foragers, and are ready for you to finish.


NOTE:  By special request, we will wean your piglets a bit earlier.  However, because we want our piglets to reach their full growth potential, we prefer they remain with their mothers until at least eight weeks old.

No Farm? 
No Worries!


Are you eager to offer your family wholesome, mouthwatering pork but have no land or extra time to care for livestock?  Our "No Worries" program could be just right for you.


This program offers our clients the opportunity to purchase a feeder piglet for $100 and pay a $40 monthly boarding fee to have them raised right right here alongside the hogs we raise for our own family. 


When clients decide their hog is ready for processing, we provide transport (within 40 miles of our farm) to the client's butcher of choice. 


NOTE:  Processing fees are not included in the piglet purchase or boarding fees paid to Clear Morning Provisions.  Clients directly pay their butcher for any fees incurred for processing.



From time to time, we have Butcher Hogs available for purchase.  These hogs are sold by the pound - live weight.  This price includes transport to the client's processor of choice (within a 40 mile range of our farm).


Processing fees are not included in the purchase price of the hog.  Customers are responsible for directly paying their processor for butchering fees.

Breeding Stock


We start evaluating our litters from the moment they are born and select our breeders based on temperament, hardiness, growth rate, and structure.

All our breeding stock is registered with the American Guinea Hog Association.

NOTE:  If you are interested in one of our registered piglets, please contact us so we can add you to our waiting list.

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