NOTE:  As of June 17, we have only one litter on the ground.  Many of the sows are now starting to "bag up" so we may have the next three litters arrive in the next week or so.

 Options and Availability

2021 Reservations

Closed as of April 2, 2021

(Filled on a First-Come-First-Served Basis)

  1.  Pacheco - Four Feeders

  2.  Kline - Breeding Pair + Two Feeders

  3.  Rogers - Six Feeders

  4.  Savat - Two Feeders

  5.   Walker - One Breeder Gilt + One Feeder

Waiting List

(if additional piglets become available)

   1.   Walker - One Breeder Boar

   2.   Smith - One Gilt,Erma/Charlie Litter

   3.   Lee - Two piglets

A 50% Deposit is Required When Reserving Piglets - we take payments via check, Zelle, or PayPal.

NOTE:  Deposits are non-refundable unless we cannot produce the promised piglets.