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Our Methods

ENVIRONMENT:  Our hogs are humanely-raised in the fresh air and sunshine on open pastures and in acorn-laden woodlands. Our pigs, like their ancestors before them, are hardy, healthy, and resilient.  They are expert grazers and foragers. 

Eleanor in the woods with piglets.jpg
pig on pasture.jpg

FOOD:  In addition to the natural forages available on the farm, they are fed locally-grown hay, hog chow, homegrown veggies and fruits, farm-fresh eggs, and raw milk.  These meals keep them bonded to us and ensure that they will come running when we call them and eagerly follow when we lead them to fresh grazing areas.

Amelia with piglets following.jpg

FARROWING:  Our sows are bred only once per year.  They are given their own maternity paddocks --which include shelters and nesting materials -- where they can farrow in peace.  Because our goal is to raise hardy stock capable of naturally reproducing without human intervention, we do not utilize farrowing crates or heat lamps.  Sows are normally allowed to naturally wean their litters. 

OUR LINES:  We are developing lines of both large and mid-sized Guinea Hogs that will range from 150-250 lbs at 15 months of age and at maturity will weigh from 180-300* lbs.  Registered breeder boars and sows must be calm and easily managed.  Sows should farrow and raise 85% of their litters to weaning age (with no human assistance except for providing food, water, shelter, and occasional worming/parasite treatment).  

*A boar from our larger lines might reach 400 lbs at maturity.

2019 Amelia under the Tree with Her Pigl

HAPPY PIGS:  We believe our methods produce happy, healthy, hardy pigs and, to quote one of our clients, "the best pork ever." 

FUN FACT - All our registered, black hogs receive author names .  Any hogs we register that are born with the white feet or leg color variation, receive the "Harmony" prefix followed by a Beatles' song title.

Erma in the grass 05-04-2019.jpg

READ MORE ABOUT OUR HOGS - To read more about our daily dealings with the hogs, check out our farm journal - Clear Morning Moments.  

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