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The Rams

(Listed by Age)

Stanfield's Fred Astaire 

(Born March 3, 2015)

fred after arriving_edited
home again

Fred is a big, easy going guy.  His hefty hams, strong back, long torso, and well-balanced frame are just what we look for in an American Guinea Hog.   Fred's offspring grow faster and larger than average.  This is true even when bred to our mid-sized sows. At three years old, we believe he is fully grown and weighs at least 350 pounds - or more.  

Breeding Plans:    Fred's genes can be found in several of our sows and one of our young boars, so we have to decided to offer him for sale - providing we can find just the right farm.  He will be bred, in December, to CMG Amelia Earhart and ready to go to a new farm in January of 2019.  Fred adds size a faster growth to all of his offspring.  As long as he is here, we will continue to use him for breeding.


Flint and Steel Sam Adams 

(Born April 12, 2017)

Sam - top line view
13-Month Old Sam
13-Months Old
13 Months Old
8-month old Sam
Sam as a piglet

Sam is the new "boar on the block."  He comes to us from Flint and Steel Farm in New York and boy is he handsome.  We like his very nice length, ideal snout length, and excellent feet.  His excellent temperament makes him a delight to manage.  He was a real crowd-pleaser at the 2018 Mother Earth News Fair in Frederick, Maryland. 


Sam was born solid black, but when he was around four months old he began showing some white on his feet and sprinkled over his body.  When he was about eight months old he developed a luxurious, thick and super curly coat!  Sam is the only one of our hogs with a coat like this.  We initially thought that the appearance of white might mean that he was in the process of process of turning blue, but it doesn't look like that is the case. 


Sam was bred to Eleanor in January of 2019.  We have retained a gilt, CMG Inga Moore, from that litter.


CMG Leo Tolstoy 

(Born November 26, 2017)

Leo October 2018
Leo free ranging 9 months
7-30-2018 a
7-30-2018 b

Our homegrown boar, Leo, is the son of Sahib and Madeline.  He is a very stout guy with a pleasant face, great length, and nice width.   Leo is on loan to a Mennonite farm in Southern Maryland to help with some land clearing.  He will still be available to us for breeding, but will live with them for the time being.


BKF Cedric Diggory

(Born May 26, 2018)

Cedric at 15 months
Cedrick at Six Months Old
Cedric on Arrival 11-09-2018

Cedric is the grandson of two of our favorite hogs - Ingleside Bonnie and Stanfield's Fred Astaire.  He has good size, a nice strong topline, a well-balanced frame, and a beautiful face.  He will be bred to Old Beach Setty Madeline in December of 2018.  We are hoping this pairing will produce piglets that possess Madeline's width and beautiful face along with Cedric's length and faster growth.

CMG Charles Dickens, five months old 3
CMG Charles Dickens, five months old 2
CMG Charles Dickens, five months old

CMG Charles Dickens

(Born May 3, 2019

Charlie is the result of an intentional line breeding of JWM Big Sky back to her father, Ingleside Clyde (our original boar).  From this pairing, we got just what we wanted.  A beautiful, hefty boar with a great top line, medium length snout, and fabulous hams.  He will be the foundation of our "Clyde Type" line.  We cannot wait to watch him mature.


Reference Boars

Boars that have contributed to our lines, but either no longer live on our farm, or are deceased.

Ingleside Clyde

(Born January 17, 2011)

Clyde on Russell's Farm
Clyde - from front
Clyde in the woods
Clyde and two sons
Clyde's Pedigree

Clyde was the our first AGH boar and boy was he a good one.  We sold him in order to bring in a different bloodline.  Had we known that we would purchase our own farm and become able to keep more than one line going, we never would have parted with him. 


He is big, wide, long, level, and the gentlest of souls.  Best of all, he passes these traits on to his offspring.  He currently lives on the McDaniel's farm in Texas.  We are lucky to be getting a Clyde son from the McDaniel's in November 2018, JWM Locutus of Borg.  Borg will be bred to Dancer, our only retained Clyde daughter, and hopefully help us keep Clyde's line going here on our farm.

HZV Sahib 

(Born September 20, 2010)

Blue Guinea Hog - Sahib
Sahib with Young Gilt
Blue American Guinea Hog
Blue American Guinea Hog
Sahib - Blue Guinea Hog
Sahib's Pedigree

Sahib is a rare, blue-colored boar that we brought in from Ohio.  He is an easy-going guy, medium-sized with excellent body length and width. He throws excellent piglets and is still going strong at age six!

NOTE:  In September of 2017 Sahib was sold to Applegarth Farms in Wisconsin.  Before his move to Applegarth, he was bred to both Erma and Madeline.  Our last Sahib litter arrived in December 1, 2017.  We retained one of his sons, CMG Leo Tolstoy and one of his daughters, CMG Amelia Earhart.

JWM Borg 

(Born August 24, 2017)

Borg on his first day in Maryland
borg 3

Borg is a son of our former (and first) boar, Ingleside Clyde and Wendy McDaniels' blue sow, "Bleu."  Borg is long, level, stands on perfect pasterns, and has that bit of extra leg length we appreciate.  He was sold so that we would have space to retain his offspring from his breeding with CMG Lacey Dancer (a Clyde daughter and our only blue sow).  We also own Borg's sister (JWM Blue Sky) and will be retaining a boar from her in our herd.  These offspring will, hopefully, be the beginning of our "Clyde" line.

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