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A Journal of Our

Homesteading Efforts and Insights


Arlo's Gone a Courtin'

On October 6th, our Miniature Cheviot Ram, Arlo, went to play and stay on Terri Brown's farm in Virginia. There he will keep company with her three, beautiful Miniature Cheviot ewe's. If all goes as planned, there will be lovely, little white lambs on Terri's place come spring.

What a blessing this will be as there are no other farms, that I know of, in this area that raise Miniature Cheviot sheep. Between Terri's three ewes and the two young ewes here on our farm, we should have a good start at introducing this breed to the mid-Atlantic area.

Terri has been kind enough to keep me posted on Arlo's health and happiness. I especially appreciate the many pictures she has sent. Apparently Arlo likes his new girlfriends just fine. It appears that they feel the same about him!

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