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Dancer & Fred Litter Farrowed!

Sometime during the night, Dancer farrowed seven adorable piglets! First glance indicates there are five gilts and two boars. One little boar has white boots and several of the others have little white "spatz" like their father, Stanfield's Fred Astaire.

We believe this combination of genes will produce some hogs of excellent size, temperament and a superior growth rate. Three gilts from this litter are spoken for. We may keep one of the boars here in our herd.

While American Guinea Hogs are traditionally solid black, there is also historical precedence for AGH in red, blue, and black with minimal white markings. We happen to find the occasional white markings attractive. After all, Ebony & Ivory live together in perfect harmony!

Any white-marked piglets we register will have the term harmony in their names....and we've decided they will also get a name from one of the Beatles' songs. For example, if we keep a white-marked boar from this litter and add him to our breeding line up, his name will be CMG Harmony Day Tripper.


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