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I Can't Stop Eating It!

I received more feedback from the first-time AGH "consumer" on the quality of AGH pork and also the meat totals he was able to harvest from the 4.5 month old piglet we gave him!

"In total - I got:

10 saddle chops,

1 qt of lard,

2 smoking hams,

6-8 lbs of belly bacon,


lbs of scrap,

cracklings, and

a head that I don't know what I will do with yet.

Also boiling feet and bones for broth now.

Kept a few joints for smoking, have about 10 lbs. of meat to make sausage (I'll probably add some goose to it to get up to 20 lbs.)

It is out of this world....literally the fat is on par with the best beef steak I've ever had.....delicious...I can't stop eating it!"


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