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A Journal of Our

Homesteading Efforts and Insights


A Frosty Maryland Morning

Early Morning Frost on the Garden

It was 28 degrees when we got up this morning.  There was white frost everywhere and the broccoli looked silver instead of green.  The tomato plants have been pulled and discarded and the last of the basil, parsley and lettuce was harvested late Thursday night.  The remaining carrots will be sweeter now that we have had a good frost. 

The cold frames, which should probably have been set out and planted weeks ago, will go out this weekend and we will try to get lettuce and spinach growing for as long as the weather will allow.  

Today, we will make and can another batch of chili.  Everyone loves it and wants more.  However, before all the activity begins, I'll spend a few moments with my Kindle, my hot cocoa, my crackling fire, and my beautiful, diamond sparkling views.

 I love Autumn.

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