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A Journal of Our

Homesteading Efforts and Insights


American Guinea Hog Update

We have had the guinea hogs a month now. 

This morning I took them some strawberries and snapped a few pictures so I could have a record of their progress.  Boy oh boy do they love garden-fresh strawberries!   

The pasture is holding up well, the sow is filling out, and the baby hogs are growing.  The boar is still fat, fat, fat.  The area they are grazing was cut for hay three weeks ago and has grown back nicely.  The other half of their pasture was fenced off and cut for hay yesterday.

The little bull calves that are sharing the hog pasture are such lovely creatures.  The brown and white one was licking my hand this morning.  This was a first for me....he is just a darling.

All the hogs are friendly except the sow.  Hopefully she will mellow out.  If not, a replacement will be sought and, sadly, there will be a smoker in her future. 



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