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Beltsville Small White Turkeys for the the Thanksgiving Win!

Yesterday we prepared and served our first, homegrown, Beltsville Small White turkeys. Both were spatchcocked (if you haven't tried this, you must!) and brined. Then, one was oven roasted while the other was smoked. Both were incredibly juicy and flavorful. The stock produced by the necks and spines was rich and plentiful - a full 12 cups.

The general flavor of consensus was...dark meat better on the smoked bird.... white meat better on the roasted bird.

These birds were hatched in May. Carcass weights (without giblets or necks) were 13 and 14 lbs. So far, this breed is ideal for our small farm. Natural reproduction will be their next "test."

Going into breeding season, we will have four turkey hens and one tom. Fingers crossed for successful brooding and hatching!


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