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A Journal of Our

Homesteading Efforts and Insights


Dexter Cattle for Meat & Milk

There's something quite new on the farm! Dexters.

These are our very first cattle.  We like grass-fed beef and are looking forward to trying out hand at raising a few of our own.   Plus, we are hoping to obtain a modest amount of milk for the family.  We don't drink much milk, but we do like cream in our coffee, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter, and hard cheeses.  Any extra milk or whey will be eagerly consumed by our American Guinea Hogs.  Gallons and gallons of milk is not the goal, so one of the heavy-p

roducing dairy cattle breeds would not have been a good fit. We never thought we would own cattle.  However, when we discovered a breed that was small and adept at producing both meat and milk, we decided to give Dexters a try. We purchased a yearling heifer and a mature, bred cow.  They are beautiful and very expressive.  Watching them graze is a real treat.



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