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A Journal of Our

Homesteading Efforts and Insights


Easy-to-Manage Boars...More Points for the Guinea Hogs

Arrived at the farm this morning to find Sam and his "crew" out of their paddock. Young Charlie came to meet me and followed me back to their area where I quickly discovered someone had left the fence unplugged. The entire back side of the fence was laying on the ground.

So, in the pen I went with Charlie following like a puppy. I dumped the food and hollared for burly Sam who was clear on the other side of the farm flirting through the fence with Erma.

He came like a flash with the other two boys right behind. Back in they went and Big Fred's feeder buddy, who was clearly too hungry to wait, busted out of his area and joined them. I fixed the fences while all five ate.

Big Fred... who has never tested a fence in his life.. simply waited to be fed. Such a sweetheart.

For now, Sam has a "crew" of four. Fred is alone and really doesn't care.

This is why I raise American Guinea Hogs and why I love my sweet boars. Easily managed... without drama.



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