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Fall 2020 Guinea Hog Breeding Groups

Today, as we put together the fall breeding groups, I was reminded of an important reason we choose AGH over other hog breeds - ease of management.

Two gilts needed ear tags. One because she lost her original tag and the other because I had not yet decided whether she would make the breeding line up. She definitely made the grade.

Now it is quite easy to scoop up a tiny piglet and apply an ear tag. There is, however, no "scooping" that can be done with a 130+ lb, yearling gilt. Turns out I need not have worried at all. Those two just stood there and let us tag them. No drama. No noise. What a relief. I could have kissed them.

Litters should arrive sometime in September/October. Here is our fall 2020 breeding line up:

CMG Beatrix Potter x Flint and Steel Sam Adams

CMG Judy Bloom x CMG Charles Dickens

CMG Inga Moore x CMG Charles Dickens (reserved for purchase after breeding)

CMG Laura Ingalls Wilder x CMG Charles Dickens (reserved for purchase after breeding)


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