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A Journal of Our

Homesteading Efforts and Insights


From Petulant Teenagers to Productive Garden Citizens

Time to Harvest Beans!

We started harvesting green beans last week - a pound here and a pound there.  Yesterday we set a record by harvesting a whopping 16 pounds of tender, nutty flavored, stringless green beans!

Sixteen Pounds of Green Beans Straight from the Garden

I'm so relieved.  I did not like the stringy beans we were getting from the Kentucky Wonder pole beans because the strings were so tough that, despite trying to string them before cooking, the odd string I missed would choke me while eating them.

So, I scoured the seed box, found a left over packet of Royal Burgandy bush beans, and quickly planted the whole packet hoping we would get a large crop of beans before October's first frost.  We were lucky.  The beans came up and bore well.  Funny thing though - they were not purple.  Hmm.  The packet must have been mismarked. 

I wish I could identify their variety so I could plant them again next season.  They are delicious and, once frozen, should supply us with enough beans to last until next summer.



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