A Journal of Our

Homesteading Efforts and Insights


The Mystery of the New Garden Bed - Strange Bedfellows

Once upon a time, on a three-acre plot which was lovingly – though not expertly - tended by the family who lived on it, there lived a lovely, but somewhat wild and disheveled vegetable garden. This garden - which was full of strawberries, blackberries, carrots, onions, beans, melons, passion fruit and many other herbs and vegetables - was full of life and each of the garden’s occupants had its own personality and temperament.

One cool crisp Saturday morning, the family came out to tend the garden and to put the finishing touches on a very special bed which they had been working on since early spring. All of the garden’s occupants curiously watched the family’s diligent work.

“What are they up to?” the tender broccoli seedlings asked the nearby tomato vines.

We couldn’t care less,” replied the tomatoes. “We have been growing and ripening tomatoes for months now. Our vines are dying from the ground up and we have our hands full just struggling to ripen our remaining fruit before the late blight or the first frost finishes us off. We are exhausted and simply too worn out to care. Go ask the strawberries, maybe they can be of help.”

So the young, innocent broccoli seedlings shouted across the aisle to the strawberry patch. “What do you think the family is up to?”