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Yield Report - American Guinea Hogs

Last week we took two mature sows in for processing. Outside of the chops, ham, and bacon, we requested the rest be turned into sausage (breakfast links and kielbasa).

Yesterday we received back:

  • 80 lbs of ham and bacon

  • 30 lbs of chops

  • 60 lbs of kielbasa

  • 65 lbs of breakfast sausage and

  • loads of fat for rendering, bones for broth making, and livers and hearts (not weighed).

That's 235 lbs of meat + bones, organ meat, and fat. It filled the small "pork" freezer and spilled over into another. We should get at least 14 quarts of lard and ~20 quarts of broth from the bones and fat.

The freezers are full and I'm very pleased.


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