Our Gilts (Listed by Age)


CMG Inga Moore

Born April 22, 2019

COI 10.5%

Inga is a  product of our sow, Soggy Top Eleanor and our handsome boar, Flint and Steel Sam Adams.  She was kept because Eleanor is aging and we want to make certain her genes are solidly represented in our herd.  We are still working on a breeding strategy for Inga.

HPF Janice Joplin

Born April 22, 2019

COI 6.5%

Janice is a product of our former Sow, ROF Dusty and our young boar, BKF Cedric Diggory.  She was the female we picked from the litter as part of Dusty's sales agreement.  Janice has Cedric's long torso and legs and Dusty's nice feet and top line. 

NOTE:  Janice turned out to be a very growthy young gilt.  She was selected to be part of the 2020 breeding line-up and was put in with CMG Charles Dickens in January of 2020.

CMG Judy Bloom

Born April 23, 2019

COI 8.1%

Judy is a product of our former sow, Old Beach Setty Madeline and our young boar, BKF Cedric Diggory.  She has Cedric's longer legs and torso.  We are still evaluating her as a possible breeder.

CMG Beatrix Potter

Born April 25, 2019

COI 20.1%

Beatrix is a product of an intentional line breeding between CMG Lacey Dancer and her half brother, JWM Borg.  She has the shorter snout of both her dam and grandsire, a very long torso, nice width and depth through her hams, and maintains condition on very little feed.


We hope she will help us solidify our Clyde-type line of gentle, thrifty, long bodied, stout American Guinea Hogs with medium-length snouts.   She will be bred to CMG Charles Dickens in January 2020.  This will be another close line breeding and the litter will have a COI of 28.3%.  These will make nice out crosses with those from other lines.

CMG Laura Ingalls Wilder

Born April 29, 2019

COI 5%

Laura is a product of  CMG  Amelia Earhart and our big boar, Stanfield's Fred Astaire.  She is a nice, all around, good-looking gilt.  We are still evaluating her as a potential breeder.


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